Trout Bum Trips

I’ve had my eye on a lake since late last year. Like most of the lakes I obsess over, I’m not really sure how it came to my attention, but once it did, I couldn’t shake the idea of fishing it. It was a hike-in lake, for starters. That immediately pushes something to as close to the top of the “must fish” list as you can get. It was also rumoured to hold big fish, something I don’t care too much about, but always piques my interest, even just a little.

Time passed, the water froze, and thawed again, and a trip slowly started coming together. Since the drive was a little longer than normal, it grew from a one day trip, to a 1.5 day trip. I figured out, and built, a way to get my canoe into the lake easier than simply carrying it. I plotted out my routes. Picked out the flies I felt were going to be effective. Finally, I set a date for my first true trout bum trip.

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How to be a Better Angler Part 1 – The Surprising Benefit of Getting Involved

[This is the first in a series of posts about somewhat unconventional advice for becoming a better angler. It’s not tips, tricks or tactics, as such, but suggestions for becoming an overall better angler that you might not otherwise think of.]

A little over a year ago I did something I don’t normally do: I went out to meet with a group of strangers I don’t know. I tend to steer clear of situations like this because I typically
don’t enjoy them, especially there’s something going on that I don’t know much about. I usually don’t find things like that very enjoyable, no matter how much I might interested in the subject. In this instance, a fly tying group had just started up in my town and, since I’m pretty keen to learn as much about fly fishing as possible, I thought, “What the hell? Worst case scenario, I have a beer and go home.” As it happened, I found myself sitting next to a guy who teaches classes on fly tying, among others, while being walked through the tying of my first fly. It wound up being a great night.

Not long after that, I was talked into checking out a couple of meetings of the local fly fishing club by some of the guys at the tying nights and I was attending regular club meetings.

2016-01-19 19.03.25

The local fly tying group

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