How To Be A Better Angler, Part Five – Take Notes

[This is the fifth in a series of posts about somewhat unconventional advice for becoming a better angler. It’s not tips, tricks or tactics, as such, but suggestions for becoming an overall better angler that you might not otherwise think of.]

If there is one thing I’m envious of, it’s people who can keeping fishing journals.

I say this because I can’t.

I’ve tried, but like pretty much every attempt I’ve ever made to keep something like this–travel journals, day planners, marking calendars on the wall, etc.–it just ends up being something I stop doing after only a few attempts. It’s just the way I tend to be with stuff like that. Heck, it almost happened with this blog.

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The Fine Art of Getting Skunked

My first fishing trip was one of those trips that always stick with you. A buddy and I met up halfway between where he lived and where I lived to do some walleye fishing. We only had a few days to get our fishing in and we were hoping to enjoy some solid fishing.

What followed was about two and a half days of absolutely terrible fishing. We tried everything and managed to get nothing, until the very last possible moment when my friend hooked into a nice pike.

We were both relieved to have caught something not only because we it meant we wouldn’t be eat mac and cheese that night, but it also meant that we hadn’t gotten skunked.

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Late Fall/Early Winter Tactics – Egg Patterns

Fishing is a funny thing. One minute I’m writing about how the fishing season is coming to a close, the next I’m off on some river, dangling flies under an indicator and getting excited about the next season of fishing: winter.

This year will be the first year that I really do any winter fishing. Fly fishing that is. I do a little bit of ice fishing when the ice is thick enough–I’m from Ontario, it’s how we make the six months of winter easier–and I have a spot that I like to go to to practice my casting.

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