Shaking Off The Shack Nasties

The low cloud and fog didn’t offer up a lot of hope for a beautiful day as I had my morning coffee, but I really didn’t care. One way or another, I was going fishing.

There had been a few weeks where a cold snap, illness and work had all conspired to keep me house-bound. As you might expect, too much time inside a house with a very active two year old meant I was overdue for some time on the water.

Not only was I excited to get out on the water, but I was really looking forward to working on my nymphing skills. I’ve been trying to get better at nymphing since the summer, when I realized that actually learning how to do it properly would be time well spent.

I wasn’t quite ready to go when Chad, my fishing partner for the day, showed up, but I was close enough and in no time at all we were on the road.


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