Fishing with Joe from Cunningham Boats

Life is funny. One second you’re sitting on the couch enjoying a quiet evening and then, out of the blue, you get a message about a boat.

Now, as an angler and a life-long lover of boats, it’s not that unusual for me to get messages about boat. In fact, it happens fairly regularly. This time, however it was different.

The message was from Joe Cunningham, a boat builder based out of Pincher Creek in Alberta. He wanted, among other things, to meet up with me and go fishing in one of his boats, The Chironomind.

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A Great Start to the Season

I can’t believe it’s been three months since I last sit down to write something. Mostly because it also means it’s been three months since I did any fishing.

I mean, I’ve been out a few times, but the conditions weren’t great and the fish weren’t biting. Any writing I would have done would have read that it was written by Eeyore (I spent two hours staring at a hole in the ice. The guy next to me caught all the fish. Dang).

That, paired with a very busy time on the non-fishing end of my life, meant I haven’t had much to write about at all.

Then late April came along, I got a new boat and hit the mighty Columbia River in Castlegar.

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